Thaton  Chiang-mai

Welcome every one and thank you for your visit ,
I would like to present the best trip in my country and your certified guide is a  local person( Karen)
1.Visit my village ( Karen )
2.Learn about hilltribe culture & local wisdom (Karen,Ahka,Lahu,Long neck)
3.Cooking in bamboo and everything from bamboo (spoon,bowl,cup)
4.The nice forest for your relaxation
5.I have super bamboo rafting from Thaton to Chaing-rai

                                              I HOPE TO SEE YOU

                            COME VISIT us


Renato Bamboohouse


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      Bamboohouse for 2 persol Room 1 : 800 Baht/ 2 per 1 night Room 2 : 800 Baht / 2 per 1 night inclu...
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      How to come here? -Renatobamboohouse build in Banmuang-ngam Thaton Chiang-mai we are located about 20 kilometers nortrh of tha ton and can offer you a taxi service from tha ton. in...